Potential New Product:     Cross-Band/Normal Repeater Controller

 This controller interfaces and controls 2 Baofeng-type handheld radios (i.e UV6-R, UV-5R, UV-3R, etc.).   [It may work with a lot of other radios.]   One handheld can be set to the 2 meters band with a 600KHz transmit offset, while the other can be set to the 440MHz band in simplex mode.   In my home configuration, the 2 meter radio is connected to a higher outside antenna and communicates to our local 146.760 MHz  2 meter repeater.  The 440 MHz band radio is set up in simplex mode and uses the original attached rubber ducky antenna.   The crossband repeater is used as a local 2 meter repeater access point at my home.  Since I have no 2 meter handheld coverage at my home,  I use a 440 MHz Baofeng handheld to communicate to the 440 MHz crossband radio using simplex mode.  This allows me to monitor and talk through the local repeater from my basement or from my garage while working on projects.     

    [Note:  When using radios as a repeater, they must be set to low power to prevent over-heating.] 

This controller solves one of the major problems with crossband repeaters.  It adds a call sign CW ID.  Most commerical radios either do not have a call sign ID or send the ID all the time.  With this controller, the CW ID is only sent on a link if that link is active.   When used as a standalone crossband repeater, the CW ID is sent on both links.  When talking through the 2M repeater, the CW ID is sent only on the 440 MHz link.  In addition, this controller could be used as a normal repeater controller since a normal controller uses only a subset of the functions of a crossband controller. 

 The unit is in testing now.  I wonder if there is an interest in this product.  The cross-band system block diagram is shown below.  The price should be in the $65 range.  No case or power supply, just a working controller board. 

       Features include:
             1)  User programmable CW ID
             2)  CW ID selectable to be on one link, both links, or no links
             3)  CW ID timer settable from 1 minute to 16 minutes
             4)  CW ID speed adjustable from 13 to 20 wpm
             5)  Two separate PTT 'timeout' timers settable from 4 minutes to 32 minutes
             6)  Analog audio interface for adjusting both audio levels and ID tone levels in both directions
             7)  CW ID is 'added to' the crosslink audio; the audio conversation is NOT BLOCKED during the CW ID as some 
             8)  COR transmit activation, not VOX activation!
             9)  No modifications to Baofeng radios
           10)  All settings adjusted using a voltmeter and  small screwdriver
           11)  No computer interface required
           12)  Can be used as a normal repeater controller

     Let me know what you think!    ... Bill K3HZP         
                                                                                                     email me at:   [email protected]

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Cross-Band Repeater Controller   --  Prototype 1
Cross-Band Repeater Controller --  PCB Rev -
146 MHz/ 440 MHz 2-way Cross-Band Repeater using two UV-5R radios

Bargain Aisle:  (Bargain Aisle Sold Out!   Thank You!  )

I have a few units that have screen printing imperfections.  Some examples are shown below.  These units are being offered for $349.00 shipped, a $30 reduction.  Please specify a Bargain Aisle unit when ordering one of these.  Inside they are identical to the higher priced units.  It is easier to sell these units at a discount than to have the cases re-done.