New Product:     Crossband or Standard Repeater Controller

 This advanced controller interfaces to and controls 2 Baofeng handheld radios (i.e UV-5R, UV-6R, etc.) in a crossband repeater configuration.  It incorporates a special voltage COR detection circuit designed for these radios, and other radios like these.

Note:  In addition, it includes a standard 'pull-to-ground COR input' for either a standard repeater or a crossband repeater system that does not use Baofeng UV-5R  (or UV-6R)  radios.

In my 2 Baofeng crosslink configuration, one handheld is set to the 2 meters band with a 600KHz transmit offset.  The other handheld is set to the 440MHz band in simplex mode with no offset.   The 2 meter radio is connected to a higher outside antenna and communicates to our local 146.760 MHz  2 meter repeater.  The 440 MHz band radio is set to simplex mode and uses the original rubber ducky antenna attached to the handheld.   The crossband repeater provides 2 meter repeater access, since I have no 2 meter handheld coverage at my home.  I use a 440 MHz handheld to communicate to and from the 440 MHz crossband radio.  In this manner, the crosslink allows me to monitor and talk through the 2 meter repeater on the 440 MHz link from my basement, yard, or garage while doing other things.     

Note:  When using any radio as a repeater transmitter, it must be set to low power to prevent over-heating.  

This controller solves THE major problem with most crossband repeater controllers.  It inserts a call sign CW ID into the repeated audio.  Most commerical crossband radios either do not have a call sign ID or send the ID all the time.  With this controller, the CW ID is only sent on a link if that link is active.   When used as a 'standalone' crossband repeater, the CW ID is sent on both links.  When talking through a 2M repeater or other repeater, the CW ID is sent only on the 440 MHz link.  In addition, this controller can be used as a normal repeater controller since a normal controller uses a subset of the functions of a crossband repeater controller. 

 This controller is now in daily operation at my home.  The cross-band system block diagram is shown below.  The controller requires 7 volts to 18 volts at 20ma for power.  The standard shack supply of 13.8 VDC is fine.  (Note:  The voltage is regulated to 5 volts on the controller board.)

       Features include:
             1)  User programmable CW ID
             2)  CW ID selectable to be on one link, both links, or no links
             3)  CW ID timer settable from 1 minute to 16 minutes
             4)  CW ID speed adjustable from 13 to 20 wpm
             5)  Two separate PTT 'timeout' timers settable from 4 minutes to 32 minutes
             6)  Analog audio interface for adjusting both audio levels and ID tone levels going in both directions
             7)  CW ID is 'added to' the crosslink audio; the audio conversation is NOT BLOCKED during the CW ID as some 
             8)  COR voltage detection (not VOX detection) for UV-5R (or UV-6R) active receive. 
                    (Controller detects voltage only present on headphone jack while the UV-5R is in active receive)
             9)  Includes a standard COR 'pulled-to-ground input' for non-Baofeng receivers
           10)  NO MODIFICATIONS to Baofeng UV-5R (or UV-6R) radios
           11)  All settings adjusted using a voltmeter and  small screwdriver
           12)  No computer interface required

      The price is $75 + $4 shipping to continental USA.  This is for a cross band repeater controller board.   
       ( I have a limited number of cables to connect between the Baofeng radios and the conroller for $10 each.)
      NOTE:  The picture below is NOT current.   I will update as soon as possible.  The stereo mini jacks have been replaced
       by connectors.    If you have questions or would like to purchase one, send an email to  [email protected]   
                           ... Bill K3HZP         
                                                                    email me at:      [email protected]

Click for Operating Manual
Click for Operating Manual
Cross-Band Repeater Controller   --  Prototype 1
Cross-Band Repeater Controller --  PCB Rev -
146 MHz/ 440 MHz 2-way Cross-Band Repeater using two UV-5R radios