Potential New Product:     Crossband Repeater Controller

  This controller interfaces and controls 2 Baofeng handheld radios (i.e UV-5R, UV-3R, etc.).   [It may work with a lot of other handhelds, but I do not know at this time.]   One handheld is set to the 2 meters band in the 600KHz offset mode, 
while the other is set to the 440MHz band in simplex mode.   In my home configuration, the 2 meter radio has the higher  antenna and communicates to a local 2 meter repeater.  The 440 MHz band radio is set up in simplex mode and uses its rubber ducky antenna.   The crossband repeater is used as a local 2 meter repeater access point at my home.  Since I have no 2 meter handheld coverage at my home,  I use a 440 MHz Baofeng handheld to communicate to the 440 MHz crossband radio using simplex mode. 

  The unit is in beta testing now.  I am wondering if there is an interest in this product.  The price should be in the $65 range.  No case or power supply, just a working controller board.

       Features include:
             1)  CW ID
             2)  CW ID selectable to be on one link, both links, or no links
             3)  CW ID timer settable from 1 minute to 16 minutes
             4)  CW ID speed adjustable from 13 to 20 wpm (I may fix it at 20 wpm)
             5)  Two individual PTT timeout timers settable from 4 minutes to 32 minutes
             6)  Analog audio interface for adjusting both audio levels and ID tone levels in both directions
             7)  CW ID is 'added to' the crosslink audio; the audio is NOT BLOCKED during the CW ID
             8)  COR transmit activation, not VOX activation!
             9)  No modifications to Baofeng radios
           10)  All settings adjusted using a voltmeter and  small screwdriver
           11)  No computer interface

     Let me know what you think!    ... Bill K3HZP         
                                                                                                     emal me at:   DxConnection@frontier.com

Crosslink Controller   --  Prototype 1
Crosslink Controller --  PCB Rev -
146 MHz <--> 440 MHz Crosslink using UV-5R's

Bargain Aisle:  (Bargain Aisle Sold Out!   Thank You!  )

I have a few units that have screen printing imperfections.  Some examples are shown below.  These units are being offered for $349.00 shipped, a $30 reduction.  Please specify a Bargain Aisle unit when ordering one of these.  Inside they are identical to the higher priced units.  It is easier to sell these units at a discount than to have the cases re-done.